Privacy policy and terms

Keymeets-service is provided by company Messuille Oy. This is the Privacy Statement of Messuille oy

Messuille Oy Nummi processes personal data in accordance with good personal data processing practices and in compliance with data protection legislation. This privacy statement provides the information required by the EU's general data protection regulation to the registered and supervisory authority (description of processing operations). In this report, we explain how we collect and process our customers' personal information and what kind of information and analytics we collect about the use of our website.

Messuille Oy
Laaksotie 3 A
00760 Helsinki
Business ID 2705964-3

Registry contact person
Mikko Nummi
tel. +358 50 3570112

Name of the registry
Messuille Oy's customer register and the Keymeets service customer register

Purpose and legal basis of personal data
Personal data is collected and used for the management, administration, maintenance and development of the customer relationship between Messuille Oy and the customer, targeting, analysis, production, provision and development of services and business, as well as market research, website usage analysis and statistics and other statistical purposes.

Personal data may be used for marketing between Messuille Oy and the customer (incl. Electronic direct marketing) and for targeting it within the limits permitted by law. Marketing may also concern the products or services of Messuille Oy's partners. The customer has the right to restrict or completely prohibit direct marketing to him.

Personal data is processed on the basis of the contractual relationship and the measures prior to its conclusion, such as the processing of data for customer relationship management. In addition, personal data are processed on the basis of a legitimate interest of the controller, such as the processing of data for supply targeting, business development and marketing research. In electronic direct marketing to b2b customers, personal data is processed on the basis of a legitimate interest. Data related to invoicing and accounting data are processed in order to comply with legal obligations.

Information contained in the register 
The register contains the following information about Messuille Oy's customers:   Basic customer information such as name, employer, work address, phone number, email address, Customer history, such as participation in trade fairs organized by Messuille Oy, customer contacts, offer, order and contract information,  Direct marketing permits and prohibitions, Billing information, billing contact information, and other billing-related information, Additional information provided by the customer himself or otherwise collected with the customer's consent, such as customer survey feedback. Other customer information compiled from the information contained in the register that is relevant to the purpose of the register Source of personal information. Personal data is collected in connection with registration, use of the services or otherwise directly from the data subject himself or with the data subject's consent. Personal information may be collected and updated from public sources as well as from other third party registers such as the trade fair organizer. 

Use of cookies and analytics 
Our website uses cookies to maintain the user session. By using the website, you consent to the use of cookies. If you do not want to accept the use of cookies, you can disable cookies by changing your browser settings. Our website and use Google Analytics, which is used to compile statistical analytics on website visits. Web analytics is used to collect statistics about the use of the website and the information can be used to develop our website. However, the visitor data collected cannot, in principle, be identified. Google Analytics collects information about visitors' interests, roaming time, and website traffic. Learn more about how Google uses cookies. Recipients of personal data and transfers of personal data outside the EU and the EEA. Messuille Oy may disclose personal data to the extent permitted and required by applicable law. 

Messuille Oy Nummi uses subcontractors to process the data, and the data can be transferred to a limited extent outside the EU or the EEA. If data is transferred outside the EU or the EEA, the transfer will take place using the European Commission's model contract clauses, or any other transfer mechanism permitted by law. In the Keymeets service, customer data (name, contact details) can be disclosed, depending on the customer case, to companies and organizations located outside the EU / EEA, where data protection legislation does not provide as comprehensive protection as the EU. In these situations, the transfer is necessary to implement the Keymeets service, as the service is based on the transmission of contact information to companies operating internationally. If the recipient of the contact details is located in a country where the Commission has taken a decision on an adequate level of data protection, the information will be transferred on the basis of that decision. If the recipient is located in a country where the above decision has not been taken, the data will be transferred in accordance with Article 49 of the Data Protection Regulation (the transfer is necessary for the implementation of the agreement between the data subject and the controller). Retention period of personal dataPersonal data shall be kept only for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which the data are used. Personal data is stored for at least the duration of the customer's customer and contractual relationship. The need for the data is assessed and the data is regularly deleted from the register. Information about potential customers is kept in the register for a maximum of two years. 

Automatic decision making and profiling
No automatic decision-making with legal or equivalent effects on the data subject shall be made on the basis of the information in the register. Personal information may also be used for profiling purposes. Rights of the data subject The data subject has the right to receive confirmation from the data controller as to whether or not the data subject's personal data are processed or whether they have been processed. If the controller processes the data subject's personal data, the data subject has the right to obtain the information in this document as well as a copy of the personal data being processed and processed. If the controller processes the data subject's personal data on the basis of consent, the data subject has the right to withdraw his or her consent. The data subject also has the right to request the controller to rectify or delete personal data and may refuse to process his or her personal data for direct marketing purposes. Personal data will be deleted if there is no legal obligation to retain them. The data subject also has the right in certain situations to request a restriction on the processing of his or her personal data or otherwise object to the processing. In addition, the data subject may request the transfer of his or her own data in machine-readable form, based on the Data Protection Regulation. All requests mentioned herein should be submitted to the above-mentioned contact person of the controller in writing or by contacting the registrar's office to verify identity.

If the data subject considers that the processing of his or her personal data is not lawful, he or she has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. Customer registry protection and confidentiality The controller shall properly protect personal data technically and organisationally. The entire personnel of Messuille Oy and third parties acting on its behalf have a duty of confidentiality in connection with all customer information. Access to personal data is restricted and the use of the register is protected by user-specific IDs and passwords. The data network and the equipment on which the register is located are protected by the necessary technical measures. We reserve the right to change this privacy statement. Changes may also be based on changes in legislation. We recommend that you read the contents of this leaflet regularly.

General terms and conditions
1. Scope
These terms and conditions are applied to all contractual relationships between keymeets/ Messuille oy Nummi and its Customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the partners.
2. Definitions
Customer means a company to which Keymeets/Messuille Oy Nummi (later Messuille Oy) has offered its services.Bidding documents comprise the bid submitted to the Customer by Messuille Oy, a registration form and these general terms and conditions. Electronic documents, such as an e-mail message, comply with the requirement for writing laid down in these terms and conditions.
3. Service content
The content of the service supplied to the Customer has been further specified in the bid and the registration form. Service design shall observe the Customer’s wishes and views to the extent that it is possible.
4. Bid and the conclusion of an agreement
The content of the bid prepared by Messuille Oy is determined in accordance with the bidding documents. If the bid or registration form deviates from the general terms and conditions, the parties shall not adhere to the deviating sections of the general terms and conditions.
The bid shall remain valid for the period specified in the bid. If no period of validity has been specified, the bid shall remain valid for thirty (30) days starting from the date of submitting the bid to the Customer.
The Customer and Messuille Oy conclude an agreement when the Customer provides notification of accepting the bid and no later than when Messuille Oy has received a registration form signed or an e-mail acceptance by the Customer. Messuille Oy is entitled to but not obligated to accept similarly submitted orders after the term of validity of the bid has expired. The same applies to changing the order after an agreement has been concluded.
If the Customer’s registration deviates from the proposal in the bid, an agreement is deemed to have been concluded in accordance with the bidding documents unless otherwise confirmed by Messuille Oy in writing. The Customer is responsible for checking that the order is correct.
5. Prices
The prices are specified in the bid and the registration form. Value added tax will be added to the prices in accordance with the applicable tax rate.
If the Customer changes the agreement after it has been concluded, Messuille Oy shall charge for the changes. In this case, the prices shall be separately agreed with the Customer in writing.

Messuille Oy reserves the right to review the prices if fees beyond the control of
Messuille Oy, such as taxes and other public payments, are modified before the
Customer has paid. If the currency exchange rates vary from the time of giving the offer to the day of the beginning of the exhibition Messuille oy has the right to invoice the total amount of the increase of the costs due to the currency exchange rate in addition to the amount in the offer.
6. Invoicing, term of payment and interest on late payments
A total of 60 per cent of the participation costs are invoiced from the Customer
directly after confirming the campaign and the remaining 40 per cent are due 45 days after the campaign confirmation. If the Customer signs up for the
service through webshop payment 100  % of the amount will be charged as ordered. 
Any additional orders submitted by the Customer shall be invoiced after the order,and transportation costs shall be invoiced after the event. The invoices shall become due fourteen (14) days after the date of their delivery, unless otherwise specified inthe invoice.The Customer must submit any complaints concerning invoices within eight (8) days.However, the Customer is always liable to pay the undisputed extent of the invoice in accordance with the term of payment specified in the invoice. If the Customer fails to perform payments within the time frames specified above, it must pay an interest on late payments in accordance with the Interest Act. Messuille Oy is also entitled to charge reasonable collection costs from the Customer for every instance of collection.
7. Messuille Oy’s right to cancel the Agreement
Messuille Oy is entitled to cancel the contractual relationship with the Customer if the fees specified in section 5 are not paid in accordance with section 6 due to reasons not arising from Messuille Oy and if the delay is substantial. The delay is deemed to be substantial eight (8) days after the date of the first payment reminder. Messuille Oy is also entitled to cancel the Agreement if it becomes evident, based on a notification submitted by the Customer or otherwise, that the Customer’s payment will be substantially delayed.
If the Customer enters a restructuring process, files for bankruptcy or enters a
liquidation process or otherwise has financial difficulties which can be assumed to jeopardise its compliance with its contractual obligations, Messuille Oy is entitled to fully or to a specific extent cancel the Agreement with immediate effect by submitting a written notification of the matter to the Customer.
Messuille Oy may also cancel the agreement if the Customer fails to contribute to the implementation of the service in accordance with agreement or through other reasonably required measures within the timeframe set by Messuille Oy.
8. Force majeure
Messuille Oy is not liable to fulfil the agreement if an Act of God, a fire, a strike, a lock-out, war, mobilisation, an export, an embargo, lack of transportation equipment, a traffic disruption or a similar impediment beyond the control of Messuille Oy prevents compliance with the Agreement.

Messuille Oy is also not liable to fulfil the Agreement if compliance with the
Agreement requires unreasonable sacrifices in relation to the benefit derived by the Customer. In the cases specified in this section, Messuille Oy is not liable to compensate for the losses incurred by the Customer as a result of non-compliance with the Agreement; it may also cancel the Agreement.
9. Packaging, transportation and presentation
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Customer is responsible for packaging,
transporting, displaying and removing its materials at its own cost. Unless the
Customer takes care of the matter itself, Messuille Oy is entitled to see to the
removal of the Customer’s materials from the event site. In such a case, the Customer bears responsibility for the transportation and related costs.
10. Subcontractors
Messuille Oy is entitled to use subcontractors for implementing its services and it is fully responsible for the work and measures performed by its subcontractors
11. Insurances
The Customer must, at its own cost, acquire insurance for any of its representatives participating in the event, its materials and any measures specified in section 9.
12. The Customer’s liability for damage
If the Customer cancels its registration for the event after the Agreement has been concluded, the Customer must compensate for any losses and costs incurred by Messuille Oy due to the cancellation. However, the compensation is at least 60 percent of the costs specified in paragraph 1 of section 6 of these terms and conditions.
The provisions of this section shall correspondingly be applied if Messuille oy cancels the Agreement based on a breach of contract by the Customer or another reason that justifies cancellation as per section 7.
13. Messuille Oy’s liability for damage and responsibility
Messuille Oy is not responsible for any indirect damage, costs or losses. Any claims for compensation must be submitted to Messuille Oy in writing without delay. A reasonable timeframe is fourteen (14) days from the date of the damage. In all cases, Messuille Oy’s liability is limited to the sum paid by the Customer for the service from which the losses under the liability of Messuille Oy arose. This limitation of liability shall not apply to gross negligence or intentional measures on the part of Messuille Oy.
14. Additional information provided by the Customer
The Customer agrees to provide accurate information and to provide notification of any changes in the company’s ownership or size prior to the event. The Customer is responsible for any damage incurred due to inaccurate information provided by the Customer.

15. Agreement transfer
Neither party may transfer the Agreement to a third party without the consent of the other party, unless the transfer is related to a transfer of undertaking or the internal reorganisation of the business operations of a contractual party.
16. Confidentiality obligation
Both contractual parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of the business and
trade secrets disclosed to them concerning the other party. The confidentiality
obligation shall remain valid after the contractual relationship has ended.
17. Settlement of disputes
Any disputes arising from the contractual relationship between Messuille Oy and the Customer shall primarily be settled through negotiations between the parties. Unless otherwise agreed, disputes shall be settled through arbitration by one (1) arbitrator. The Arbitration Institute of the Finland Chamber of Commerce shall appoint the arbitrator and the arbitration process shall adhere to the regulations of the institute. However, Messuille Oy is always entitled to claim any outstanding receivables arising from the contractual relationship through the District Court of Helsinki.
18. Campaign updates and meetings in Keymeets-service
Keymeets and Messuille oy has the right to adopt the campaign after 30 days of the campaign start to fit campaign goals better by sending the proposed changes to the campaign to customer and allow customer to give feedback  within 7 days from receiving the information from Keymeets. Keymeets cannot guarantee meetings online or in person between customer and a potential buyer nor can keymeets be held accountable if ads or messages will not be delivered to possible clientele due to system policies or malfuntion of linkedin or spam-filtering. Keymeets personnal will give a monthly update on campaign development.

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